Scholarship Recipients, 2016

 We did it!

Two young women attending Spring Arbor University were the first recipients of Pastor Janet Noble-Richardson Memorial Scholarships. Just before the end of our inaugural year, 2016, Shyanne Savage and Quinn Colvin each received $2,000 towards their educational expenses at SAU.

Remembering Janet’s advisors spent the days surrounding Christmas reviewing candidates’ applications--including essays, work and volunteer experience, and references. We were impressed by all the candidates and saw Christ at work through their interests, involvement, and character. The evaluation process convinced us that two awards were appropriate.

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Thank you to our donors for placing faith in our ability to do what we set out to do!

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Secretly, I'm writing fictional stories for children and the inspirational nonfiction biography of Pastor Janet Noble-Richardson. But before those are ready for public viewing, I share pieces of me on Deadwood Writers Voices, a group blog; and on Remembering Janet, the website for the nonprofit charity I’m passionate about. I hope you see my love for God, compassion for people, and enthusiasm for learning in all I do.
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