~ Pastor Janet Noble-Richardson

July 11, 2006 Janet no longer had to imagine what heaven would be like. She made it there all too soon, just a few months before her forty-fifth birthday.

In the weeks before a car accident took her away from us, Janet danced and sang and led a church full of children through vacation Bible school. It was a joyful time, and the focus was on worshiping Christ. Like always, Janet made sure everyone understood the significance of His death and resurrection. 

Upon this tenth anniversary of Janet's death, we still miss her. She taught us about faith, inspired us to do God's work, and showed Christ's love through her own behavior. Many of us who loved Janet experienced life-changing moments with her and still feel her influence upon us. We know that it's unlikely that we will ever befriend a more inspiring teacher on earth.


In Memory of Reverend Doctor Janet A. Noble-Richardson

We are a Christian nonprofit organization

Several years ago, Greg and I realized that our children were starting to forget what Janet was like. That saddened us to the point that we wanted to do something to preserve the memories we cherished. We established a nonprofit charitable organization, The Bixby Foundation, with the idea to prolong Janet's legacy of bringing people closer to Christ. Remembering Janet  allows us to share Janet's ideals, promote her message of hope, and support the educational development of Christian leaders. The Pastor Janet Noble-Richardson Memorial Scholarship is our way to honor Janet and to invest in the future ministers of God's Word. Essentially, we hope our award recipients will help us reach those who have yet to hear the good news of salvation through Christ alone.

There's one thing you need to know, however. Janet would insist that the focus be where it rightfully belongs, on God. So let's just say that this site isn’t really about her.

You may read about the life of an extraordinary woman who deeply loved God and believed in the redemptive sacrifice of Jesus. When you learn about how Janet led her life, please remember to watch for Him.

Greg and I hope you will be encouraged in your faith by visiting this site.

In Christ,

Kelly & Greg Bixby


our purpose is three-fold

To share favorite memories of Janet and the lessons she taught.


To provide funding for the educational development of Christian leaders.


To inspire and encourage people to place their faith in Jesus.

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