Last year, a friend of mine joined the World Race and committed to sharing the gospel of Christ throughout eleven countries in eleven months. As Emily and her team traveled, they witnessed to people they encountered and served indigenous residents of remote areas. She and her fellow missionaries rarely knew what situations they would face as they arrived in foreign villages.

One day, the World Racers each had only $6 allocated for lodging. At best, they could combine their money, but even that would be far less than they needed. So, they had to figure out how to stretch their resources to find appropriate housing.

That wasn’t an easy task, under the circumstances. But God is a masterful designer. Emily and her team saw His faithfulness revealed in the finest details He pieced together for them.

You can hear Emily’s enthusiasm for missions and learn more about her experiences by playing the YouTube video, Life is Ministry and Ministry is Life. It’s the first video we’ve produced for our newly-created YouTube channel, Remembering Janet. We also added captions, just in case you’d like to read along.

As I listen to Emily describe the challenges she faced overseas and as I see the joyful way she managed difficult situations, I recall Pastor Janet. She grew up in missionary service in Pakistan and later served in Kenya. Janet’s own first-hand experiences taught her the importance of extending hospitality to others, especially those intent on sharing the gospel. She became so purposeful in lending support that she asked her St. Timothy Presbyterian Church family to help her build a little room in the basement of her home to house God’s visiting messengers. The missionary apartment, as Janet called it, had its own shower and was nicely decorated, carpeted, and furnished with two twin beds.

If you knew Janet, you’ll be reminded of her in many other ways as you watch Emily’s video. And if you didn’t know Janet and you don’t know Emily, I think you’ll still appreciate seeing what love looks like when put into action. From soccer games and painting parties to a red-light district and a jail, the Body of Christ is alive and well.

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